I just hate when people ignore me for no reason, it’s really hurting. I wonder why do people ignore me when I never ignore them….. don’t you think it is very sad and making feel lonely. If you were there in my situation what would have you done please tell me and suggest me……

46 thoughts on “Ignorance……..:'(”

  1. Most of the times we “feel” ignored. We can stop feeling anytime.

    Yes there are some sinister or negative characters who try to discourage
    others. They take great pleasure in it. I always kick them out of my life.

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  2. people are stupid……….and well sometimes, life grabs you in such ways that numbs your mind and senses……..
    although we can understand, with some perspective, why someone did what they did……..but their actions hurt us, no matter what.
    I guess, we can only be more forgiving and do not expect much of people……..because we can’t really control anyone else, but we sure can control how we feel……
    do not know a definite solution, i suffer from the same “ignorance disease”.

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