I don’t like my parents anymore…!!

I was never close to my parents but somehow lil with my father…but now I don’t like him…he’s very rudeand aggressive!! He don’t love me then why should I love him? He don’t respect me as his daughter and my feelings..I feel much better when I am not with my family! Is it normal in teenage life or I am having a serious problem with my parents? 

I think I should leave my parents and stop talking to them!:'(😥😦😧

42 thoughts on “I don’t like my parents anymore…!!”

      1. All of us have gone through this phase,but once you get matured enough,when situation arises,you will realise that they will be the only people who wont leave u no matter what.


  1. Hi Sandra, it’s very nice visiting your blog. I love the sincerity in this post. I felt same way when I was a teenage, I almost ran away from home but fortunately for me I had no where else to go and I’m glad I didn’t run. Parents can be very irritating sometimes but it’s because they love us, your parents just want the best for you, trust me.later on in life you will have them to thank πŸ’πŸ’ž


      1. Not to worry. I understand. It’s a teenage thing. As you grow older, you will be able to control some of this things better as long as one doesn’t get carried away.


  2. You really need a guide. 😊
    Don’t worry it’s nothing more than a teenage problem. You think you don’t love your parents because you are going through a lot of things and keeping your mind sound is a bit difficult. But don’t worry. You will survive it.

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  3. Hey Sameera, am a first timer here on your blog but what you’re going thru IS A PHASE, it’s called the rebellious phase or better known as TEENAGER phase. We have all gone thru it…it happens, we think our parents don’t understand us, it isn’t true… they are only looking out for us and that kind of irritates us.
    Relax, try to look at life thru their eyes. IT IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE FAMILY. Friends will come and go, your parents will always be there πŸ™‚
    – Savio

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  4. Oh!! Dear. You don’t have to do that. You know what children may live without parents, but Parents cannot live without their children. It’s an everyday problem with each one of us who take to the stern behaviour of our parents very aggressively, but we must not forget that they infact are the reason for our existence.

    You must read these:




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  5. If ur father is being rude and aggressive to u then it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, Apnon ki daantna humaare bhalaayi ke liye hi hota hei…Mei aapse bas ek baat kehna chaahta hu..Buraa na Mano plz…Meri utni umr nhi hei ki aapko Mei samjhasakun Magar mujhe lagta hei ki aap bahot zyaaada hi negatively sochte ho..Aap humesha Khush Rehna seekho, Mei actually kiseeke posts pe Zyaada comments nhi karta Magar aapke blog ke posts padneke baad lagraha tha comment karhiloon…Aap kaise ho waise hi raho..Log khud aapke paas aayenge aur Dost banenge, ab aapke comments Mei hi dekhlijiye ,kitne log hei isi duniya mein jo apne na hokar bhi aapko samjharahe hei ki aap akele nhi hei, aur har koi bolraha hei ki wo aapka dost Banega…Bas zindagi mein bindass jeeneka, tension nahi leneka

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