Why no one is my friend?😱 

Hi, as you all know, I am sameera and I am 16 yes old…actually I am going yo turn 16 in very the very next month. Today I want to talk about my lonliness! I have family, a couple of friends and 2 siblings but still I feel as if I’m  totally alone.

In my early childhood, that was a period when my lil’ brother wasn’t born, I thought that I’m not at all important for my family because my family always supported my elder sister. Now when my younger brother came, I lost my all importance…… Which I never realised I had..!!😦

My friends.., I have 2 friends, actually 3, but one of my friends left me because she thinks that I am very rude to her and I’m snatching all her other friends…. But it isn’t true at all…I know!😱

My other two friends are there for me but one friend of them two(I don’t wanna take her name), also behaves as if she have some kind of problem with me…she always fight to me and make me realise that I don’t deserve them as my friends. And my other friend, who is really very very sweet to me, never makes me feel lonely and sad. She always support me in my bad and sad times and appreciate in my good times  and things. She let’s me know my good qualities and help me recover my bad ones. She is like my best friend but I never tell her because my other friends would feel then as if they are nothing to me. My all friends are my best friend and no one is special. But some times they tell me to choose one which I don’t like to.

I really feel so lonely with my family also. If someone asks me whom do you the most in your family, I am totally speechless.I start crying , and the other person thinks that I must not be having a family,and I am totally alone. Sometimes they also nakebfun of me that how lonely I am and no one in my family supports me.

I try to make everyone my friend and make everyone close to me in spite of not liking them at all but everyone hates me and don’t like to be my friend. 

Can anyone tell me why am so lonely and how shall I recover my lonliness??😭

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  1. I didn’t comment earlier but let me tell you one thing, being a loner isn’t a bad thing. There are a lot of successful people who were loners. The list includes Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and even J.K. Rowling. Da Vinci had no friends and a sad family life. However, he found friends in the animals he met at the forest everyday and even the plants and trees he came across. That’s what made him a great artist. He could feel what animals felt and whenever he painted birds,he felt as if he too was flying. These tings make his paintings so realistic.
    Having a lot of friends is a good thing too but introverts are kind of smart.
    If you’re unhappy, it’s quite normal. Read and get over it. I too don’t have many friends and I am fine with it. To be very honest, my family life isn’t that great either.
    And yes, if your friend makes you feel bad, don’t let it upset you.
    Also, I’m your friend. Talk to me if you need anything

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  2. Sameera, hugs for you. I had three wonderful teenage daughters and I can feel how difficult it is for you. Loneliness is a choice, I wish it is easy to say. I can feel how alone you feel, but everything is just in your thoughts. And I think normal teenagers goes through what you are going through. Families are not perfect but we can choose to be happy with them despite imperfections. Learn to love yourself and keep writing 🙂


  3. Hey. .. first of all to yur family is the best friends u have !! If u have them never feel the same .. and the one who wants u as a friend will !! Always remember , the one who hates u .. it’s just bcoz they think u r better than them😉 so always smile buddy

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